Rest In Peace - Mr John Hicks (27 April 1951 - 27 February 2015)
Rest In Peace - Mr John Hicks (27 April 1951 - 27 February 2015)

John Hicks, passed away on 27th February 2015. John had been recovering from a Cancer Operation, but was rushed to hospital and died hours later with Jo at his side. His IAR GOA blog last month highlighed a news clipping from 1989, one of the many things john has done over the last 30 years for animal welfare. There is also a folder at The Tree House full of clippings of news worthy acts when John has stood up for animal rights, many times putting himself in harms way to protect them.


Along with his wife Jo, they have continued to do all they can for animal welfare and when I came to know about John passing away, my first thought was for Nora, a bonnet macaque who adored John. Explaining to friends although difficult, you can make them understand. But there is no way for us to tell Nora that her best friend in this world has gone. John has spent the last years of his life in Goa, firstly with International Animal Rescue Goa and later starting a second organisation called The Primate Trust. John always seemed to have a special connection with the monkeys and found it easy to work with them. Jo his wife is continuing the work, where there are currently over 40 rescued monkeys.

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