Founders and Indian Trustees

John Hicks Founder Primate Trust India

Jo Hicks Founder Primate Trust IndiaFounders & UK Trustees, Jo and John Hicks

Jo and John Hicks have been at the forefront of animal welfare since the 1970's and have been key players in a number of animal charities. They were the founders of Animal Activists, International Animal Rescue, International Animal Rescue Goa, the Primate Trust India and The Primate Trust in the UK.

They are considered leaders in the field of Primates in India and their work has been recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India who has co-opted John on to this highly esteemed government committee.

In addition to the animals living at the Tree House John advises rescue centres throughout India on the care and keeping of Primates and does all he can to educate people about the importance of good housing, good food and the vital importance of environmental enrichment to stimulate their active intelligent minds. Primates suffer more than any other species from mental disorders due to the lack of mental stimulation; this suffering is so extreme that it can cause the death of the animal from self mutilation.

JOHN HICKS : We are sad to announce that John Hicks passed away on 27th February 2015. John had been recovering from a Cancer Operation, but was rushed to hospital and died hours later with Jo at his side. The work at Primate Trust continues through Jo and the staff.

Marlon D'souza, Trustee, Primate Trust India

Dee Sarson (UK Trustee)

Dee is a long term friend of Jo and has been invaluable since the passing of John both in India and in the UK. Her and her husband, Barry have always loved animals and being hands on with the monkeys is so great its beyond our dreams. They main inout is to do anything they can to help with any of the animals whether its raising money or helping to care for them in a practical way. Being a trustee helps us to make that possible.
Lavina Larking, Trustee, The Primate Trust

Lavina Larking (UK Trustee)

Vina has been an animal lover all her life and after having experienced, first hand the care needed for the primates, decided the best way to help would be to become a trustee. She is married to Mervyn who also has had hands on experiernce and several years handling the monkeys. They both find enormous fulfillment in helping with their care.

Indian Trustees

Yogeeta Sawat, Trustee, Primate Trust India

Yogeeta Sawat

Yogeeta is the Director of Administration at International Animal Rescue Goa.

Yogeeta has a great ability to solve problems and disputes and her clear decision making is admired by all she works with. Yogeeta has a proven background in dealing with Government Departments and her dedication for the welfare of animals is unquestionable.
Marlon D'souza, Trustee, Primate Trust India

Marlon D'souza

Was a former lecturer in Economics at The St. Xavier's college, Mapusa, Goa, an ex-member of the Academic Council, Goa University and presently involved in business and passionate about nature and its conservation. After his post graduation, he began his career as an officer at Mitusi & Co. and later at Sesa Goa in its mining division.
Marlon D'souza, Trustee, Primate Trust India

Sumitra Souza Egipsy

A nurse by profession who is totally dedicated to helping animals.
Marlon D'souza, Trustee, Primate Trust India

Glenn D'souza


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